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transform prison

For 45 years, our ministry has served in jails, prisons and re-entry facilities sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.

prison ministry behind bars in chattanooga
inmate worshipping Jesus in prison in chattanooga

Our dedicated volunteers conduct weekly Bible-based life skill seminars in Southeast Tennessee and Northwest Georgia correctional facilities centered on salvation and restoration. We hope to ignite a passion for God’s Word, foster genuine relationships with Jesus, and cultivate a desire to live in a Christian community behind the wall. We firmly believe that true freedom for inmates can only be found through this journey of spiritual transformation in Jesus Christ.

“…I was in prison, and you came to visit me” Matthew 26:36

Above all, involvement in prison ministry aligns with Christ's mandate to love our neighbors as ourselves and to visit those who are imprisoned. By following in His footsteps, we embody the essence of compassion and grace. Transformation frees men's and women's hearts as they pay their debt to society. This transformation serves to equip these hearts and souls within their own families, job opportunities, work, and communities.


Life Skill Seminars

Once a week Bible studies held at Hamilton County Jail, Walker State Prison, Rhea County Jail, and Bradley County Jail


Annual Revival

3 night revival at Hamilton County Jail. Full worship service for mean and women in each pod

Want to Get Involved? 
1. Complete the Volunteer Application

2. Attend a quarterly volunteer training

Christmas Angel

Each December, Transform Ministries hosts a Christmas Angel party for children with one or both incarcerated parents. We host this party so the children can experience the joy of Christmas through celebration and gifts just for them. This annual event also provides tangible support for the guardians, often single parents or grandparents, who are caregiving for the children day in and day out while their parents are incarcerated. Christmas Angel allows the prisoners to know their child is being provided for during this time of separation and remind their son or daughter of the parent’s love despite their absence.


We ultimately host this party because Jesus Christ was the ultimate gift to the world. We believe the least we can do is show the world around us how much giving matters.

"Prior to this class I had totally turned my life away from God. But now I have rededicated my life to Him."

Inmate, Hamilton County Jail

Transform Ministries

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