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transform prevention

Presentations: At Transform Ministries, we offer engaging school presentations for youth that delve into real-life experiences and shed light on the consequences of poor decisions. Through compelling testimonies, students gain valuable insights into the significance of choices, empowering them to make informed decisions even at an early age. These presentations catalyze personal reflection and challenge individual improvement. Our speakers' stories are stories of hope, renewal, and transformation.

Prison Tours: Embark on an eye-opening journey with Transform Ministries as we guide youth through a medium/maximum-security prison. Our tours are not designed to intimidate but to educate about the consequences and stark reality of poor decision-making. Led by knowledgeable Prevention and Facility Staff, students will explore various aspects of prison life, from the cafeteria and recreation yards to dormitories and lock-down units. Importantly, students will be able to hear firsthand accounts from inmates, gaining invaluable perspectives on the costs of their actions. Moreover, the tours showcase career opportunities within the Department of Corrections, providing insight into potential personal and professional growth pathways. Upon arrival, each institution determines the tour group's itinerary, ensuring a comprehensive and impactful experience.

Mentorship has been a key aspect of this program. Over the years, many students have come to know Jesus because of the time spent with our Prevention staff. 

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Transform Ministries

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